Marvista Rentals was founded to provide upscale rental options for young professionals and families who want to enjoy a fast-paced city life in a safe, comfortable home without the commitment of a mortgage.

One feature of Squirrel Hill is its historic buildings. While lovely to look at, decades-old wiring and climate control are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and most likely unsafe. Many of these buildings feature old knob-and-tube wiring which deteriorates with age and can cause electrical fires.

Marvista Rentals is proud to manage almost 100 rental units, including studio apartments, mulit-bedroom units, and single family homes.   We don’t just acquire a property and put it back on the market as is.  We go the extra mile and do things right.    We do moderate to extensive renovation work from full internal “gutting” including replacing all wiring and pipes to installing hard-wired electrical, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.  We ensure all of our properties meet all city codes and more, safety is a priority.  Each apartment is also fire rated with automatic fire doors, egress requirements, and double layers of drywall on ceilings and common areas in case of emergency.

While we update the utilities for your safety, we also upgrade the fixtures and appliances for your comfort and convenience. Modern kitchens and baths, new windows and walls, and beautiful hardwood floors are just some of the features of our properties.

We focus all of our attention on Squirrel Hill.  Many area landlords live elsewhere and invest in Squirrel Hill real estate.  Apartment managers collect a check whether you’re happy or not.  As residents ourselves, we know the area and will help you find the home to best meet your needs. Our properties are spread across the neighborhood, giving you multiple location options.  As Marvista grows, we are committed to meeting our resident’s needs with personal attention.

Whether you’re a graduate student looking for a temporary study space, or a family looking for a rental while you save to buy a home, Marvista is happy to help you find the right space in Squirrel Hill. We’re passionate about the community that we call our home. This hyper-local focus means that we’re personally invested in your rental experience. You’re more than just a rent check to us –  you are our neighbors!

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00 pm

ext 103